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Variable-Data Printing

Variable-Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing, in which elements such as text and graphics may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file. We can help with your direct marketing, applying addressing on mailers, brochures or postcard campaigns.
These envelopes were printed on our new iJet printer and all it took was a customer supplied file and we were able to save them valuable time and they looked great.

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Embossing & foil stamping can add a stately and elegant effect to packaging, pocket folders, business cards and more. The processes are essentially the same, in that a metal “stamp” is forged to create an indentation on the surface of the paper. Foil stamping adds a thin sheet of foil to the process, which is fused (via heat and pressure) to the surface of the paper when the stamping occurs (we offer green, red, blue, silver or gold foils, with other custom choices available).

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Die-cutting can add shape, functionality and interest to your printing. Our die-cutting machine can handle dies of any size, up to 14″ x 20″.
This customer wanted a brochure that would grab your attention. I think that was accomplished.

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The letterpress look is elegant, stylish, high-end and simply amazing. Nothing can beat the touch and feel of a letterpress project. Letterpress printing works best on thick paper made from natural fibers because you can feel the deep impression. We’ve been using this technique for over 50 years so we’re pretty good at it!

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Canvas Print

Our professional quality wrapped canvas prints are custom-made for you in sizes up to 44″. Whether in full color, black & white or sepia tones you will be amazed at the high quality of printing. Your printed canvas is stretched on a wood frame, gallery wrapped, treated with professional grade polymer sealant, to protect from UV and environmental damage, including moisture, ready to hang and enjoy.

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