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Flyers that get a lot of attention.

Flyers that get a lot of attention - Hoover Printing

A flyer is an inexpensive and highly effective way to grab attention in a very busy marketplace. How do you make your flyer stand out in the crowd? Here are some techniques that Hoover Printing uses to make flyers “pop.”

Snappy headline or title.

Make it memorable, unusual or provocative using a few carefully chosen powerful words. Popular titles contain one or more of these words: Easy, The Secrets to, Unlock, Finally, Insider, Time Sensitive, How to, Free Bonuses, Now You Can, Discover, Proven.

Colorful or striking graphics.

One large image will have more impact than many smaller images. A stunning photo or illustration grabs attention, creates a mood, and supports your story. This image is your “focal point” and will draw your readers in. You can supply us with your image or we can help you purchase inexpensive but quality stock photos on the Internet. We have resources to individual photos or images.

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